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100 days to save the planet, John Kerry claims

London Evening Standard

US climate envoy John Kerry has said there are 100 days to save the next 100 years as he called on China to increase the speed of its efforts to cut carbon emissions.

In a speech at Kew Gardens in London, Mr Kerry said meeting the 1.5C limit will be impossible without China taking action, adding that the US and China had to work together to tackle the issue.

“It’s not a mystery that the US and China have many differences but on climate cooperation, it is the only way to break free from the world’s current mutual suicide pact”, he warned.

His comments were made ahead of a G20 environment ministers meeting in Italy later this week.

Speaking on the key COP26 gathering in Glasgow in November, he said that “in little more than 100 days we can save the next 100 years”.

He added: “My friends, there is still time to put a 1.5C future back in reach but only if every major economy commits to meaningful reductions by 2030, that’s the only way to put the world on a credible track to global net zero by mid-century.

“At or before Cop26 we need to see the major economies of the world not just set ambitious targets but we need to have clear plans over the next decade.

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