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$14 Billion For Richer Australians To Pretend They’re Saving The Planet

Andrew Bolt, Courier Mail

Poorer Australians are giving richer Australians $14 billion to subsidise a warm inner glow – and feed a fantasy that they are saving the planet:

The costs of programs to encourage the installation of rooftop solar systems have outweighed the benefits by $9 billion and will result in a $14bn subsidy being paid by consumers who do not have panels to those who do…

The report by Grattan energy program director Tony Wood and energy fellow David Blowers says while solar rooftop programs have cut emissions it has been expensive — the equivalent of a carbon price of $170 a tonne…

By comparison, the Gillard government’s carbon price was $24.15 a tonne when it was repealed and the Abbott government paid an average price of $13.95 a tonne for carbon abatement at its first emissions reduction auction last month.

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