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97% Of Scientists Agree: Global Warming Is Making Winters Colder And Milder

Steven Goddard, Real Science

The IPCC says that global warming makes winter mild with less snow :

2001 Ice Storms

Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms

Settled science also tells us global warming makes winter cold and snowy in the US

Charles H. Greene is professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and a fellow at the David R. Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University. He is the author of “The Winters of Our Discontent: Loss of Arctic sea ice is stacking the deck in favor of harsh winters in the U.S. and Europe” in the upcoming December 2012 issue of Scientific American.

Expert in Doha – Climate Change Is the Driver Behind Extreme Winters and Superstorm Sandy

Last winter was mild with little snow in the US, and that was blamed on global warming.

06 March 2012

So mild weather this winter hasn’t come out of the blue. “It’s consistent with the idea that global warming is going on,” said Kevin Trenberth, a senior scientist at the independent National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colo.

Unusually Warm Winter, But Is It Climate Change? | Mild Winter Weather & Jet Stream | LiveScience

The two snowy winters before that were blamed on missing sea ice.


“Recent severe winters like last year’s or the one of 2005-2006 do not conflict with the global warming picture, but rather supplement it,” explained Vladimir Petoukhov, lead author of the study and a physicist at the Potsdam Institute.

“These anomalies could triple the probability of cold winter extremes in Europe and north Asia,” he said.

The researchers created a computer model simulating the impact on weather patterns of a gradual reduction of winter ice cover in the Barents-Kara Sea, north of Scandinavia.

Heads I win. Tails you lose.

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