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Suspend climate policies and cancel COP26 to save Britain from looming energy disaster

UK News

London, 20 September – The Global Warning Policy Forum (GWPF) is calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take swift and radical action to suspend damaging climate policies and prevent the looming energy crisis from turning into an economic and

COP26 crisis deepens as Boris Johnson plans last-ditch attempt to save UN climate summit

International News

More evidence is emerging that Boris Johnson’s COP26 plans are in serious trouble: According to reports in the Sunday Telegraph, Britain is facing global embarrassment because the government is unlikely to have passed its flagship Environment Bill in time for

COP26 at risk of ‘failure’ over China’s refusal to slash emissions, official warn

International News

After months of hype, hubris and denial UK officials have finally acknowledged that Boris Johnson’s shambolic climate diplomacy and the COP26 summit in Glasgow are heading for the rocks. The Daily Telegraph is reporting that leaked documents reveal that China

Vijay Jayaraj: India’s energy priorities are a major roadblock for Net Zero and COP26

International News

This November, political leaders from the West will attempt to formalise a more radical emission reduction strategy at the COP26 meeting in Glasgow. However, with the growing opposition to Net Zero plans and other extreme emission reduction policies like the