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EU Commission Under Fire For Including ‘Accounting Tricks In 2030 Climate Goals

International News

Environmental campaign groups denounced the EU Commission’s plan to include carbon sinks in the EU’s climate target, saying this was “an accounting trick” to meet the 2030 goals. The European Commission on Thursday defended its plan to bring carbon removals

Biomass Delivers ‘Questionable Carbon Savings’, Says New Report

Energy News

Environmental thinktank Sandbag claims biomass does not allow ‘near-immediate carbon and cost reductions’ Governments should focus policy support on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar rather than on biomass, which delivers questionable carbon savings. That’s the verdict from environmental

EU Parliament’s ‘Climate Emergency’ Will Lead to Disastrous Consequences – Former UN Expert

The Climate Record

The consequences to people living in European countries will be disastrous after the EU Parliament declared “Climate Emergency” in its session on 28 November 2019, believes Dr. Waheed Uddin, a professor, consultant, former UN expert, author of books on infrastructure, and

European Parliament Told: There is No Climate Emergency

International News

At a press conference on Wednesday (20th November), the European Parliament was told: ‘there is no climate emergency’. One MEP became emotional and accused the organisers of ‘collective manslaughter’ on future generations. The press conference was hosted by the European