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GWPF accuses Government of driving up electricity prices and energy poverty

UK News

The Global Warming Policy Forum has accused the government of being the main driver of energy poverty as its Net Zero agenda is making electricity ever more expensive for low-income families. Summary Climate policy costs are adding £10bn a year

Green Energy Poverty: Are Low Income Americans Impoverished by Alternative Energy?

International News

Sunday is Earth Day. While environmentalist groups are planning marches to support renewable energy development, several groups are pushing back by declaring April 17-21 Green Energy Poverty Week. Their goal is to highlight the effects that green energy policies have

Energy Cost Explosion: 17% Of All German Households Now In Energy Poverty

International News

If anyone thinks Germany’s move to renewable energies has been a success, you may want to take a few minutes and read what center-left news weekly Der Spiegel has just written. Overall Germany’s energy revolution has made the country’s energy unaffordable, unreliable