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Forget Paris: Russia Rejects Climate Change Plan After Business Uproar

The Climate Record

Russia’s largest companies have killed off plans to introduce individual emissions quotas and a carbon trading system.  The Russian government has drastically watered-down its new package of climate change legislation after push-back from the country’s leading businesses, the Kommersant business

Forget Paris: India Slashes Plans For New Nuclear Reactors By Two-Thirds, Expanding Coal Instead

International News

India has decided to cut its planned nuclear power plant construction by two-thirds. This will further expand the country’s use of coal for electrical power generation The Financial Express, one of India’s major newspapers, reports that the Narendra Modi government, which had

Forget Paris: Global Fossil Fuel Consumption To Rise By 20% By 2040, BP Energy Outlook

Energy News

This year’s BP Energy Outlook is now out: These are the highlights: The speed of the energy transition is uncertain and the new Outlook considers a range of scenarios. Its evolving transition (ET) scenario, which assumes that government policies,

Forget Paris: Greece Set To Win €1.75 Billion From EU Climate Scheme To Build Two Coal Plants

International News

Public funds from Europe’s carbon trading programme – set up to help poorer countries reduce emissions – will help build two plants that will emit about 7m tonnes of CO2 a year Greece appears on track to win access to a