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Germany Struggles To End Coal Power As Populist AfD Challenges Green Consensus

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Coal showdown reflects government’s floundering shift to renewable power. Not far from Germany’s Rhine River, a fight to thwart giant excavators from grinding away what’s left of the 1,200-year-old Hambach forest came to a head this month as thousands of

Germany Is Razing A 12,000-Year-Old Forest To Make Way For A Coal Mine

International News

Germany may have set laudable goals for its ambitious “Energiewende”—or shift to a low-carbon economy—but it is still struggling to free itself from fossil fuels, in particular electricity generated from coal’s dirtier cousin lignite. In the latest demonstration of this struggle, an ancient

‘Climate Leader’ Germany: Police Clear Protesters, New Coal Mining Imminent

International News

German police have expelled protesters in the Hambach Forest near Aachen. Environmental demonstrators have for years opposed plans to expand one of Germany’s largest open-pit coal mines.      Several hundred German police officers moved into Hambach Forest in western Germany on Wednesday