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Is Russia Secretly Backing Anti-Fracking Activists? U.S. Lawsuit Intends To Find Out

International News

An open records lawsuit filed against the State Department is attempting to uncover whether Russian entities attempted to financially support U.S. environmentalist causes. The Institute for Energy Research (IER) — a free-market energy group based in Washington, D.C. — filed

We Listened To The Eco-Fantasists Over Fracking And Now We Have Hostile Russia Heating Our Homes

Opinion: Pros & Cons

Let this Russian crisis be the moment Britain finally wakes up to the need for new power stations and for shale gas – as much as we can possibly extract. FOR years The Sun warned Labour, coalition and Tory Governments

Green-Russian Anti-Fracking Campaign Paying Off: Britain Becomes More Dependent On Putin’s Gas

UK News

Half of Britain’s imports of liquefied natural gas so far this year have come from Russia, illustrating how UK households have started sending more money to Moscow after Vladimir Putin made boosting exports of the super-cooled fuel a priority.

Russia’s Financial Support for Anti-Fracking Groups Is No Coincidence

Energy News

Aware that fracking could devastate the Russian economy, the Kremlin has secretly financed environmentalist groups across the globe. As Mitt Romney understood all too well, Vladimir Putin has long sought to interfere with domestic American politics. Years before Donald Trump