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Tesla’s dirty little secret: Its net profit doesn’t come from selling cars

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Tesla posted its first full year of net income in 2020 — but not because of sales to its customers. Eleven states require automakers sell a certain percentage of zero-emissions vehicles by 2025. If they can’t, the automakers have to buy regulatory credits from another

Can Europe Compete? Tesla Plans To Export China-Made Electric Cars To Undercut European Car Makers

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Tesla Inc. plans to ship cars made at its Shanghai factory to other countries in Asia and Europe, according to people familiar with the matter, shifting its strategy for the plant to largely focus on supplying the local market. China-built Model 3s for delivery outside

Green Bloodbath: After $5 Billion in Losses, China’s Tesla Fights For Survival

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It took Tesla Inc. about 15 years to rack up $5 billion in losses. The company known as China’s Tesla did it in four. The bleeding continues. Shanghai-based NIO Inc. is poised to report Tuesday that it lost another 2.6 billion yuan ($369 million) — around

Can Tesla Survive?

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It should be quite clear by now that Tesla is structurally unprofitable as an automaker. It should be no secret by now that Tesla (TSLA) missed both its earnings and revenue estimates pretty badly. If you think the worst is