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China plays its green card, promising to sell the world its wind and solar projects produced by cheap coal

International News

President Xi Jinping told the UN on Tuesday that China will sell nations around the world its cheap wind and solar technology produced with cheap slave labour and cheap coal power, ending support for building coal-fired power plants abroad. China’s

China puts growth ahead of climate with surge in coal-powered steel mills and power plants

International News

China’s expansion of coal-powered steel mills accelerated sharply in the first half of 2021, exposing the government’s reluctance to sacrifice industry-fuelled growth to achieve its climate goals. Analysis of Chinese government approvals by the Centre for Research on Energy and

China rolls back climate policy, reopens closed coal mines as power demand surges

International News

China’s top planning authority authorized more shuttered coal mines to restart production as key policymakers seek to balance progress on climate goals against still surging power demand. Operations will restart for a year at 15 coal mines across northern provinces including