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Mikko Paunio: The Lancet Countdown Report Is Dangerous Nonsense

Opinion: Pros & Cons

The mainstream media has – again – promoted a nonsensical anti-development agenda Introduction Almost all Finnish newspapers and TV and radio channels recently told readers, viewers and listeners that a child born today will suffer enormously because of manmade climate

Lord Donoughue: Everyone Should Read Prof Paunio’s Hard-Hitting Paper On The Lancet Commission

Opinion: Pros & Cons

Professor Paunio has enjoyed a distinguished career in global public health, both in Europe and the USA. He has a proven record of countering medical falsehoods, based more on environmental propaganda than on scientific evidence. He certainly adds to that

Green Energy Catastrophe: Zimbabwe ‘Turning Into A Desert’ As Poor Cut Down Forests For Fuel

Energy News

An estimated 815,000 acres of forest are being chopped down each year in Zimbabwe as its desperate people resort to firewood to cope with poverty, blackouts and a scarcity of fuel. Conservationists warn that Zimbabwe could be reduced to a

Tilak Doshi: Coal Will Remain Essential To Developing Nations Long Into The Future


It is no wonder that the developing countries in Asia have little hesitation in supporting coal power generation as the quickest route to economic development and poverty alleviation. The reigning narrative of impending global environmental catastrophe dominates the airwaves and