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A Decidedly Sarcastic Open Letter To @YouTube

Tom Peer, Watts Up With That?

Dear YouTube,

May I first say how pleased I am that climate misinformation videos on your platform will now carry informative links to official data sources correcting the lack of understanding and conspiracist ideation among the less scientifically educated of your viewers.

It’s difficult to know exactly where to start re-educating the sort of people that think somehow just because the Jet Stream has moved around a bit that a hot July doesn’t prove the need to adopt global communism to save us all from the sins of our capitalist folly.

As long as we live in a world in which bourgeois intellectuals are free to own private property and sit around in it thinking and writing what they like, we can only do what little we can to correct the error of their ways. Your commitment to party communications at the end of their silly YouTube clips is therefore a most welcome development and one with which I am delighted to be able to help, having found the following disinformation videos which you will no doubt want to amend with corrective messaging.

A man called Albert Gore can be seen here making a speech after receiving a Nobel prize.

In it he claims arctic ice will be gone by the summer of 2014. A link to the Danish Meteorological Institute can show this to be nonsense. Sea ice is largely stable over the last 15 years, a little below average for sure but then Gore would know how it feels.

One “expert” Gore and conspiracy theorist sites like the Guardian are fond of citing is Professor Peter Wadhams. Within the climate community, his standing isn’t quite what you’d expect for a learned Cambridge professor, as indicated by a series of tweets from NASA’s climate chief, Gavin Schmidt, who took to twitter during one of Wadhams’ laughable presentations:

@ClimateOfGavin: Wadhams still using graphs with ridiculous projections with no basis in physics.

Wadhams has several videos on YouTube pronouncing “a farewell to ice”.

These should include the same health warnings as Gore’s. He’s also no stranger to conspiracy theories and has claimed MI5 and “big oil” was behind the tragic deaths of three well known climate scientists, including one who was struck by lightning.

He also apparently failed to report an attempt on his own life only through fear of being labelled a loony, which you might think was preferable to being murdered. Given your recent ban on another well known conspiracy theorist, perhaps just links to authoritative sources might not be enough, I urge you to consider an outright ban.

Other suspect sites like the New York Times have been promoting the idea that the world is beset by wildfires caused by climate change. Even a cursory examination of the data can show this to be propagandist nonsense.

Links to official figures showing the continuing decline in global burn acreages should be provided at the end of any of their stories.

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