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Some climate scientists still struggle to cope with people who disagree

So a few days back, Cliff Mass – a Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington as well as a radio weatherman – decided to write something about the wildfires in California, and in particular, the question of whether climate change had played a role. At the end of a long analysis of climatological trends in the area, he drew his conclusions:

Unexceptionable, you might think. Agree or disagree: show us your data and talk about it.

Well, not in the Alice in Wonderland world of climate science. Take a look at some of the replies, particularly those from a moderately prominent climate scientist called Sarah Myhre.

There were many other responses in similar vein. One more moderate-minded reader tried to bring a little sanity to the exchange,  but was told in no uncertain terms to be quiet:

This exchange was followed by the almost inevitable attempt to contact Mass’s employer

“A form of violence”? Whatever next? How can climate science ever hope to advance when the level of discourse is on this level?