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Absurd EU To Declare Climate Emergency While Forcing MEPs To Travel To France Every Month

Daily Express

Members of the European Parliament will this week vote on whether to declare a “climate emergency” – after moving thousands of staff and their whole operation from Brussels to Strasbourg. 

European Parliament
MEPs make 12 monthly trips from Brussels to Strasbourg (Image: GETTY)

In a monthly act of environmental damage, the EU Parliament ups sticks and moves from its regular home in Belgium to the French town for a week of debate.  Parliamentarians are happy to ignore this lunacy when voting on whether Europe is facing an environmental and climate emergency.  

Demanding an EU reality check, the European Conservative and Reformists group of MEPs have requested a study into the environmental costs of maintaining the Strasbourg seat. 

In an email to the Parliament’s environmental committee, the ECR requests a study into the “environmental burden” of the institution’s 12 532-mile round trips to France.

They insisted the trip – which costs around £100 million a year – “combined with the energy costs entailed by relocating to Strasbourg each month, undermines and cheapens, in our group’s opinion, this Parliament’s claim to be carbon neutral”.

An ECR spokesman said: “We support the idea and are working with the other groups to find a text we can all sign up to.”

Even the pro-Brussels Liberal Democrats insisted the monthly “travelling circus” must end for the sake of the environment.

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