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After EU Election Drubbing, Massive Opposition To Coal Exit In Ruling CDU Party

Die Tagesschau

There is growing opposition in the ruling Christian Democratic Party about plans for phasing out coal power in Germany.

There is massive resistance within the Christian Democrats’ parliamentary party against the planned coal exit by 2038 which is to be achieved with billions of structural aid to Germany’s coal regions. The CDU MP Axel E. Fischer told the news agency dpa in Berlin: “The recommendations of the coal commission are not legally binding as such, they point in the wrong direction, destroy future prospects and harm the environment.”

Fischer belongs to a sizable group of members of CDU MPs who refuse to accept the government’s plans.

CDU finance politician Olav Gutting MP said: “The distribution of billions of dollars in tax money to the affected regions will not create thriving landscapes there, and it is our damn duty to handle citizens’ well-earned money with care and thought.” Gutting and Fischer are both members of the executive committee of the parliamentary CDU party.

Warning about rising electricity prices

In addition to Fischer and Gutting conservative MPs Andreas Mattfeldt (CDU / Lower Saxony), Klaus-Peter Willsch (CDU /Hesse) and Alois Rainer (CSU/Bavaria) also criticised the planned coal exit by 2038. They warned of rising electricity prices, a threat to security of supply and relocation of industry abroad.

One week ago, the Federal Cabinet approved key points for billions of aid for the coal-mining regions. Over the next two decades, a total of up to 40 billion euros is planned to be given to federal states for structural reforms in Lusatia, central Germany and the Rhineland district.

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