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Public perception is everything in today’s fast-paced media world and purveyors of the manmade climate change theory have been taking a beating on that front over the past year. Former Vice President Al Gore lamented the state of affairs in a blog posting yesterday saying the media had done a ‘bad job’.

In recent years all of the momentum to stem the perceived threat of global warming was on the side of climate change alarmists. The global public became sold on the concept that the ‘consensus’ of scientists were sure of their conclusions and that the science was irrefutable. The mainstream media helped further sway the public with a fervor betraying its supposed unbiased reporting.

Cracks in the consensus surfaced last year as more prominent scientists voiced their doubts about the theory. Questions about the accuracy of the temperature record arose and then the Climategate email scandal broke and the wall began to crumble.

Early this year revelations about the work of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change came to light. Conflicts of interest by its head, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, were discovered and showed that Pachauri stood to benefit financially from his work with the IPCC.

News media outlets that previously ignored contrary opinions have now been forced to cover the dissent – albeit reluctantly. A vigorous and robust debate has ensued but Nobel Laureate Gore does not approve.When things looked bad, along came revelations that the seminal report issued by the IPCC was rife with questionable citations. This supposedly ‘peer reviewed’ piece of literature meant to aid policymakers used data from over 1,000 questionable sources.

In this blog Gore says that the debate within the scientific community does not exist and the media has failed to adequately inform the public about the ‘facts.’ He writes:

Much of the media has done a particularly bad job covering the climate crisis. Instead of informing the public about the facts, they have treated the issue as if the same political divisions they exuberantly cover also exist in the scientific community. They don’t.

It is somewhat ironic that Gore says the ‘divisions’ do not exist in the scientific community – however his blog posting is in response to a Wall Street Journal editorial by Dr. Richard Lindzen. Lindzen is an atmospheric physicist and Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and one of many scientists now questioning the manmade climate change theory.

Gore himself has helped to feed the fires of skeptics by routinely making false statements. Claims of increased natural disasters, warnings that all Arctic sea ice would disappear within five years, and errors within his books and movies have all shown that Gore is perhaps doing more harm to the cause he supports than good.If those divisions don’t exist, then who was Gore responding to?