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Science Daily 12 March 2010: New Study Debunks Myths About Vulnerability of Amazon Rain Forests to Drought: A new NASA-funded study has concluded that Amazon rain forests were remarkably unaffected in the face of once-in-a-century drought in 2005, neither dying nor thriving, contrary to a previously published report and claims by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The Sunday Telegraph, 11 July 2010: Amazongate: At Last We Reach The Source: Last week, after six months of evasions, obfuscation, denials and retractions, a story which has preoccupied this column on and off since January came to a startling conclusion. It turns out that one of the most widely publicised statements in the 2007 report of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – a claim on which tens of billions of dollars could hang – was not based on peer-reviewed science, as repeatedly claimed, but originated solely from anonymous propaganda published on the website of a small Brazilian environmental advocacy group.

Roger Pielke Jr: Deep Into Amazonia Mud: […] The bottom line here? The IPCC did indeed make a claim in its report that is unsubstantiated in the literature that it cited in support of the claim. Further, the specific claim being made also appears to be unsubstantiable — that is, there is nothing in the literature to support the specific claims being made. The IPCC could have said something else — perhaps something even more alarming about the Amazon — but it did not. For the IPCC this degree of sloppiness and lack of attention to accuracy is troubling. Those claiming that there is nothing to see here are simply wrong — the IPCC botched this one. The various defenses of this issue are an embarrassment.