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Mail on Sunday Reveals How IPCC ‘Sexed Up’ UN Climate Report

Ben Pile, Mail on Sunday

How IPPC report was ramped up to predict wars, extreme weather and famine… while its authors slept on the job

According to Rajandra Pachauri, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), its report last week was its most terrifying yet, portending famine, disease, extreme weather and wars, proving ‘no one on this planet is going to be untouched’.

But a Mail on Sunday analysis shows that the 47-page ‘summary for policymakers’ of a much more detailed 2,600-page document – ‘sexed up’ some of the key findings.

Its ‘alarmist’ spin led Professor Richard Tol to demand his name be removed from it. 

Migration and refugees

Wars and conflicts

Extreme weather

Neither report covers the science of climate change, only possible impacts. Many of these, the full document admits, are difficult to forecast.
In any case, computer models say the world should already be warmer – as this newspaper has reported many times.
The graph buried deep in the report


The strangest thing about the summary is the way it was produced. For seven days, about 200 people – 120 of them government officials, not scientists – sat in a hall in Yokohama, Japan, trying to hammer out a final draft reflecting the full text.

Big issues were not resolved until the final session, which started at 9.30pm and ended at 10am next day. Long before that, many delegates had left or fallen asleep. ‘Important decisions were made by a handful of countries which were still there, including the UK and US,’ says one source. ‘It’s no wonder the summary isn’t a true reflection of what the scientists wrote.’

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