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Andrew Bolt: Abuse Of Tony Abbott Proves A Point

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

The screams of abuse tell me Tony Abbott hit the target with his speech saying global warming may not be so bad.

In fact, said the former prime minister, some warming “could be beneficial”, because “far more people die in cold snaps” and more carbon dioxide would “lift agricultural yields”.

The TV news bulletins promptly rounded up warmists to abuse Abbott as an idiot and hypocrite. Here is the considered response of deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek: “Loopy … Nuts.”

Here is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull: “Mental Health Day! … A great day!”

ABC reporter Andrew Probyn took the media prize for outrage, accusing Abbot of “having drenched the work of climate scientists with contemptuous spittle”.

But see a common thread?

Yes, lots of abuse, but no attempt to prove Abbott factually wrong. Oops: the Sydney Morning Herald did run one piece claiming Abbott was wrong on Australian temperatures, but doctored his actual quote to change its meaning. (Details on my blog.)

And on the ABC, Andrew P. Street announced Abbott’s claim on death rates from cold was wrong, only to confusingly admit, er, it “appears to be true”, after all.

It is. As the Lancet medical journal reported, people are 20 times more likely to die of cold than heat. Indeed, Abbott’s speech was true on all key points. The warming has been less than expected, our cyclones are fewer, the world’s crops are bigger and cutting the emissions said to cause dangerous warming is all pain for little gain. Indeed, Chief Scientist Alan Finkel admits that even if we cut all our emissions, the difference to the climate would be “virtually nothing”.

But on Wednesday, the Turnbull Government showed what devastation we’ve created with such schemes, which have helped to shut seven coal-fired power stations in four years. It promised to spend $36 million to bribe Australians to use less electricity, particularly when they most need it — in a heatwave.

It will pay people in NSW, Victoria and South Australia to turn down their air conditioning, furnaces and cool rooms to stop blackouts now that we are running so short of electricity.

So first, the government spends money on green power and now spends money to make us use less of it. Meanwhile, electricity bills keep rising.

This is so truly nuts that no wonder warmists are abusing Abbott. They’ve got nothing else.

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