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Angela Merkel Casts Doubt Over EU Climate Summit

Der Stern

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dampened expectations about the EU climate summit next week. It was “still open whether it would succeed to adopt the Climate and Energy Framework 2030 next week or later,” Merkel said in a government statement to parliament.

There were still “difficult” negotiations on the EU’s objectives regarding greenhouse gas emissions, energy saving and renewable energy targets, Merkel said. 

The EU Commission has drawn up a proposal for the EU summit on Thursday and Friday next week in Brussels. It proposes that the EU reduces its CO2 emissions by 40% compared to 1990, the increase of the share of renewable energy to 27% and a reduction of energy consumption by 30%. Merkel said that Germany could “imagine even more ambitious goals”, but other countries were already saying that the proposals tabled were going “too far”. 

In light of these differences, the Chancellor called for patience with hesitant countries. It was right, “to take into account the specific circumstances of all member states and not to ask too much of anyone”. Merkel pointed out that EU climate targets would have to be adopted unanimously. Poland in particular is balking at ambitious [unilateral] CO2 targets.

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