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Angela Merkel’s Economic Council Warns Against ‘Hasty Exit’ From Coal

BERLIN —  The Christian Democrat’s Economic Council has warned that a rash exit from coal power could increase electricity prices and that Germany still needed the power plants.

On the occasion of the meeting of the federal Government’s so-called coal commission on Thursday the CDU’s Economic Council warned against a “hasty exit” from the coal power generation.

“Coal has saved our country over this summer,” said Secretary General of the Economic Council, Wolfgang Steiger. “Without our coal-fired power plants, we would not have managed so well to deal with the heat wave and the wind lull. We need this reliable source of energy for a long time.”

Steiger emphasized that a “precipitous exit” from coal-fired power generation by national unilateralism would further increase electricity prices and endanger the security of supply for industry.

International competitiveness would be jeopardized without saving carbon dioxide in the European Union. “Often enough our energy supply has to be secured by Polish coal or French nuclear power plants.”

The Economic Council emphasizes in an internal paper particularly the “enormous economic importance” of the coal: “A hasty and unilateral exit from coal on ideological grounds endanger established value creation chains and put hundreds of thousands of industrial jobs on the line,” it says.

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