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Angry Tories Want To Rip Up Approval For 15 Wind Farms

Sam Coates and Tim Webb, The Times

A Liberal Democrat minister has approved 15 new onshore wind farms, triggering a coalition row and demands that a future Tory government rips up the contracts.

Ed Davey, the energy and climate change secretary, awarded 27 new contracts yesterday, including 15 onshore wind projects and five solar projects, with the rest involving waste energy or new “conversion technology”.

Conservative MPs demanded that David Cameron cancel the contracts, which will be signed before the election, to honour his pledge that a future Conservative government would stop all new subsidies for onshore wind farms.

All the projects approved yesterday would be delivered between 2016 and 2019, causing a huge dilemma if the Tories were re-elected. The next government would face a huge battle to unpick the legally binding agreements to power 1.4 million homes.

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