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FURTHER good signs that at last climate change scientists are being held to account instead of treated like infallible prophets emerge as Dr Charles Monnett, the wildlife biologist who claimed that man-made climate change was killing polar bears, is being investigated for “scientific misconduct”.

Usually that term means fiddling results or exaggerating claims but let us wait and see what happens and of what, if anything, he is guilty.

That scientists are now being challenged is a sure sign that somebody somewhere knows they may have been getting it wrong. The Hadley Centre itself, on whose statistics the claims for global warming are largely based, has shown through those same figures that there has been no change in Earth’s temperature for a decade despite record carbon emissions.

It is now time for politicians to ask themselves whether the billions spent on combating global warming can any longer be justified. Just a little of it redirected to the defence budget would save the cuts in the armed services and provide better equipment for our boys.

Daily Express, 3 August 2011