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Argentina, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia Attempt To Delete Shipping’s Climate Targets

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A group of four big countries have set out to limit climate targets due to be discussed at the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) gathering next month.

Climate Home News is reporting the group, which consists of Argentina, Brazil, India and Saudi Arabia, have sought to delete key parts of a draft global agreement on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is due to be legislated at next month’s important 72 MEPC meet-up in London.

The group has deleted sections (see image below) proposing to cap greenhouse gas emissions from shipping at 2008 levels and reduce them “significantly” by 2050. The four countries have also demanded that the wording on the bid to make shipping a zero carbon sector by 2075 be changed so the rm date of 2075 is replaced with “no later than in the second half of this century”.

April’s MEPC gathering is viewed by many as one of the most important shipping environmental meetings in history. Last month the Council of the European Union stressed that the IMO must be firm to keep shipping up with commitments made in line with the Paris Agreement.

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