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COP 25 Madrid: Greta Expectations

Global Warming Policy Form

We predicted that COP25 would turn out to be another flop. Here is the evidence of this year’s UN climate ritual and its habitual failure.

Christmas is coming, which means that it’s time for the Green Blob to head off to its annual warm-weather shindig: the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP), a kind of winter wonderland for jet-setting virtue signallers.

This year is 25th time the delegates have met, and after such a long time there is a well-practiced routine to the week’s events: the hopes, the warnings, the army of virtue-signalling celebs.

In fact the routine is so well practiced that it’s hard to tell if anything is any different to any of the previous years, despite the great (or perhaps that should be Greta?) expectations engendered by 2019’s dramatic upsurge in climate hysteria.

So join us, if you will, in a review of this year’s climate bash, and wonder at environmentalists’  ability to repeat themselves, year after year after year, while learning precisely nothing.

The Annual UN Climate Ritual (pdf)