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ASEAN Leaders Call For Legally Binding Climate Billions, Wealth Transfer

The leaders of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) called Friday for a legally binding agreement to fight climate change and limit increases in global temperatures to 2 degrees. The statement issued at the close of the ASEAN summit Friday added that the world’s rich countries should bear the brunt of the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that would keep global warming within the 2-degree range because scientists have warned a greater temperature fluctuation would result in catastrophic climate change.

The statement, released at the annual summit of the 10-member organization in Hanoi, urged the world’s developed countries to “continue taking the lead by making more ambitious commitments” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It also called on wealthy countries to provide developing countries with financial resources and technology transfers.

The statement said developing countries should contribute to emissions reductions only “on a voluntary basis, in accordance with their different national circumstances.”

Developing nations have argued that developed economies have produced far greater greenhouse gases and bear greater responsibility for global warming while the World Bank and other international agencies have said developing countries would be hit hardest by climate change.

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