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Bah! Humbug! How Greenie Grinch Stole Christmas

Tim Blair, The Telegraph

If you enjoy making small children cry – and who doesn’t? – then Fairfax has the perfect Christmas gift idea:

An Australian scientist has written a new children’s book, just in time for Christmas, that weaves the impacts of climate change into a story about Santa Claus, his reindeers and an evil billionaire.


Author Dr Ian Irvine, who has been a scientist for over three decades, first came up with the idea of marrying Christmas and climate change together for his eBook The Last Christmas, The North Pole is melting! two years ago.

It sounds just … great:

The ice at the North Pole is melting and Vixen, the smallest reindeer, is afraid.

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Santa’s toy workshop will soon fall into the sea, he has nowhere to go, and the elves who make the Christmas toys for him are threatening to leave.They’re terrified of an old enemy, but won’t say who it is, only that the dark is rising again.

Will this be the last Christmas?

Irvine’s book, aimed at children as young as five, also features charming illustrations of dying animals:


Five-year-olds will just love this and won’t have any nightmares at all. Previous works from Irvine include climate doom novels for adults, which the author claims predicted the future:

Many of the events described in the books (such as the destruction [sic] of New Orleans) have now come true.

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