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Big Green NGO Readies Dozens Of Lawsuits Against Trump EPA

John Siciliano, Washington Examiner

The president of a major environmental group says there is only one “antidote” for President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency, which is the federal court system and an endless stream of lawsuits.

“It’s a new year, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt wants to roll back the clock on environmental protections and drag us back decades,” said Natural Resources Defense Council president Rhea Suh in a note to supporters Saturday.

“The best antidote to Pruitt’s illegal attacks on our environment? Federal court,” she said.

The group is preparing to file a number of lawsuits against Trump’s EPA, and is asking supporters to increase their financial contributions to support the coming court effort.

She claims that the group has already “scored” legal victories over the Trump administration, “and we’re gearing up to file suits on dozens of fronts in the year ahead,” Suh said.

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