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Bill (The-End-Is) Nye: “I Am A Failure”

Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

Bill Nye seems to think he has failed to reach people with his demand for urgent action on climate change, but he blames others for creating the conditions which led to his failure.

Bill Nye on his climate change education efforts: “I am a failure”

“The Science Guy” looks back on his 1990s TV show, and why climate change education has not reflected policy change

Between hosting “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and serving as CEO of The Planetary Society, Bill Nye’s career as a science educator means he is also, inherently, an activist when it comes to combating climate change.

Nye joined Jeremy Binckes on “Salon Talks” to discuss his efforts raising awareness around climate change over the years, and to scoop a new documentary film that chronicles his rise from lively children’s show host to national science defender and advocate.

“I am a failure!” Nye exclaimed when reflecting back on the shows he created over two decades ago about the Earth’s warming.

Nye blamed the fossil fuel industry for creating the schism between climate deniers and believers, saying “they have worked so hard to introduce doubt.” He went on to say that he believed climate change was discovered in the 1970s, “and we’ve done virtually nothing about it all this time.”…

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Every time you read an assertion that people only doubt because the “fossil fuel industry” has created doubt, in my opinion you are seeing first hand the utter contempt climate enthusiasts have for people’s ability to weigh the evidence for themselves.

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