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New Shale Gas Discovery In Lincolnshire

Lee Peace, South Yorkshire Times

Communities could be in line for a cash windfall following the discovery of shale gas in the area.

Isle MP Andrew Percy welcomed the find but campaigners want plans to extract the fossil fuel ditched because of its environmental impact.

The Isle of Axholme

Ministers have announced payments for residents who host controversial ‘fracking’ wells – where rock is fractured with high-pressure liquid to release the gas.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) has established the presence of the gas underneath parts of Westwoodside and Haxey.

Communities will receive at least £100,000 for each well where fracking takes place to explore for gas, and one per cent of revenues if it proves to be commercially viable.

Mr Percy told the Bells; “It has been used to good effect in the United States in proving jobs and bringing energy prices down.

“But any future development locally will have to be looked at on its own merit and the potential impact it may have on that community must be considered.”

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