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Boris Johnson’s Plan To Slash Your Energy Bill By £750

Daily Express

Boris Johnson has pledged to invest more than £6billion to improve the energy efficiency of 2.2 million homes, meaning energy bills could be slashed as much as £750 a year.

Mr Johnson is already said to be in the driving seat for a comfortable majority two weeks before the UK heads to the polls, according to a model that correctly predicted the election outcome two years ago. 

According to seat-by-seat analysis carried out by The Times, the Tories would win 359 seats, Labour 211, the SNP 43 and the Lib Dems 13, if the election was held today. As Mr Johnson steps up his campaign to “Get Brexit Done,” it can also be revealed how he will deliver his “Green Energy Revolution” to slash the cost of rip-off energy prices.

In April 2019, Michael Gove announced a “shadow watchdog” which will uphold performance against environmental standards post-Brexit, including new legal targets for air quality, as the Tories set sights of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050….

Part of a wider £9billion pledge will see a huge focus on energy efficiency on bills, with the Tories promising to cap energy prices to protect customers.

But, the manifesto has also committed some £6.3billion to improve the energy efficiency of 2.2 million below-par performing homes.

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