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Breakthrough: Gas Flowing From Shale Well In Poland

British exploration firm 3Legs Resources has reported that gas is now flowing from its shale-gas well in Łebień, Pomorskie voivodship.

The company used a method called hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” in Łebień, which means it sent high-pressured liquid deep underground into rock that it hopes contains shale gas. The process is designed to release the gas, which can then be captured and stored.

“Following … the completion of the hydraulic fracture treatment on the Łebień LE-2H horizontal well, the well has commenced flowing natural gas and a flare has been lit, for a short duration test, as is normal for this type of operation. This will enable the potential of the well to be assessed,” the company wrote in a statement.

The firm is now testing the flow of gas in order to estimate the size and possibility of commercial exploitation of the deposit, Rzeczpospolita wrote.

Deputy Treasury Minister Mikołaj Budzanowski was quoted by the daily as saying that he thinks shale gas from Poland’s deposits could be available in the market as soon as at the end of 2014.

3Legs Resources cooperates in Poland with US firm Conoco Phillips, which agreed to finance the British firm’s exploration and drilling work in return for the rights to 70 percent of the extracted gas, Rzeczpospolita wrote.

Experts estimate that Poland has the largest deposits of shale gas in Europe. The US Energy Information Administration says 5.3 trillion square meters of gas could lie beneath its surface.

Warsaw Business Journal, 9 September 2011