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Britain Has More Solar Farms Than Spain, Italy and France Combined

Ben Webster, The Times

Britain has more giant solar farms than Spain, France and Italy combined despite those countries getting far more sunshine. There are now 408 “utility scale” solar farms in Britain, each covering at least 25 acres.

Wymeswold Solar Farm the largest solar farm in the UK

Spain, where solar panels generate a third more power than those in southern England, has only 172, and France and Italy have 91 each.

The US is the only country with more solar farms than the UK, with 553, according to figures compiled by the website Wiki-Solar. China has 315 farms but double the total capacity of British farms because the average Chinese one is much larger.

The number of British solar farms leapt by 120 in the first three months of this year as developers rushed to beat a deadline of March 31, when they ceased to qualify for the lucrative Renewables Obligation subsidy scheme.

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