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Millennials Are The Worst Climate Hypocrites

The Daily Telegraph

Hypocritical millennials are the worst age group for throwing away food and all sorts of stuff they buy and chuck away without hesitation

The truth about Britain’s green hypocrites: A sea of abandoned tents, gazebos and blow-up mattresses have been left behind by millennials at the 2018 Reading Festival. As many as 60,000 one and two-man tents have been dumped on the site near the Thames

Hypocritical millennials are the worst age group for throwing away food – and need to rethink their approach to help combat climate change, the Government’s food waste champion has warned.

Ben Elliott, who has been charged with leading the Government’s campaign to slash food waste by half by 2030, said those aged 18 to 34 were the most passionate about the environment yet were also the worst food wasters.

Figures from Wrap, the charity advising Government on tackling waste, found 18 to 34 year olds wasted 49 per cent more food and drink in an average week than pensioner households, 1,900 grammes versus 1250. Those aged 35 to 64 wasted 33 per cent more than over 65s.

“The generation that is most shrill environmentally is millenials. Even though they are brilliant in campaigning for climate change, they are hopeless at tackling food waste,” Mr Elliott told The Daily Telegraph.

He blamed their propensity to shop more frequently, use of delivery apps for takeaway food and rising consumerism for making them more “divorced” from saving food than other generations.

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