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Britain’s New Climate Policy: Adaptation Top Priority

Businesses hoping to flourish from the unavoidable effects of climate change will this week be urged to boost their efforts to acclimatise, as the government makes adaptation a top priority.

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman is expected to make a statement on Thursday encouraging organisations to immediately start planning around the risks and benefits of climate change, such as adapting to flooding, extended tourism seasons as a result of warmer summers and boosts to the construction industry to help buildings adapt.

Her statement will come as the The Adaptation Sub-Committee issues its first report of recommendations to the government.

“The ASC report is a wake-up call to everybody that climate change is already affecting us, so there’s no time to lose,” Spelman is expected to say. “Only the businesses and organisations that have properly planned for the risks and identified the benefits of climate change will thrive.”

In line with coalition plans to bolster the role of local communities, Defra’s statement will detail how adaptation will impact a range of UK regions including coastal towns, farms, infrastructure and cities.

“While climate change may feel like a global issue, it will impact on everyone in every walk of life. Adaptation is a local issue, delivered most effectively when actions are tailored to local circumstances and challenges,” said Defra in a statement today.

BusinessGreen, 13 September 2010