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Britain’s Record-Breaking Spring Colder Than Winter

Paul Simon, The Times

It will hardly come as a great surprise, but this spring is on track to be the coldest for 34 years. The Met Office estimates that the UK temperature will average about 6.1C (43F).

March, in particular, was 3.3C below average and the coldest since 1962. It was also the coldest Easter on record, with minus 12.5C recorded at Braemar in the Highlands on March 31.

In fact, March was colder than any of the three months of winter. April saw cold snaps and heavy snow mid-month in the South and across the Channel Islands, where the early Jersey Royal potato crop was ruined. More snow came later on in Scotland and Northern Ireland; Braemar once again scored the month’s lowest temperature, with minus 11.2C on April 2.

Energy bills went sky high, nurseries threw out hundreds of thousands of unwanted bedding plants, sheep farmers suffered disastrous losses, wildlife suffered from the lack of food and spring flowers were at least four weeks behind schedule. Just as it seemed that the worst was over, May blew in with more outrageous weather and snow mid-month.

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