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British Antarctic Survey: Much More Antarctic Ice Than Previously Thought

The New Nostradamus of the North
Great news from the British Antarctic Survey: There is much more ice in Antarctica than previously thought!

These are the main findings included in Bedmap2, “the most detailed map yet of Antarctica’s landmass”:

* The volume of ice in Antarctica is 4.6% greater than previously thought

* The mean bed depth of Antarctica, at 95 metres, is 60 m lower than estimated

* The volume of ice that is grounded with a bed below sea level is 23% greater than originally thought

The new findings are of course a severe disappointment for all global warming doomsday prophets. In order to console the disappointed warmists, the people at the British Antarctic Survey have added this, basically meaningless piece of information:

(Because there is much more ice than expected), “there is a larger volume of ice that is susceptible to rapid melting.”

The New Nostradamus of the North, 9 March 2013