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Climate Hypocrite President Macron Sucking Coal Power from Britain

Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

According to The Guardian, a temporary shortage of nuclear power in France forced France to buy substantial amounts of “dirty” coal power from Britain – right at the time French President Macron was taunting President Trump, and pushing for climate trade tariffs against countries which do not share the EU’s “climate values”.

Polluting UK coal plants export power to France as cold weather bites

Adam Vaughan
Saturday 18 November 2017 19.39 AEDT

UK’s last eight coal stations are working to exploit falling temperatures and absence of offline reactors in France to export power across the Channel

Polluting coal power stations in Britain have been profiting from the woes of the low-carbon French nuclear industry this month, according to analysis of energy generation data for the Guardian.

Tricastin, one of France’s biggest nuclear power stations, was closed by the French regulator in September so that works could be undertaken to address a flood risk.

The plant’s reactors make up four of the 39 currently offline in the French nuclear power industry, which experienced even worse outages last winterdue to regulatory safety checks.

The operators of Britain’s eight remaining coal power stations appear to have stepped in to exploit higher French prices, exporting power across the channel as temperatures have plunged. UK coal power generation has declined rapidly in recent years under the carbon tax.

Most of the time, France sends electricity to the UK through 43-mile-long cables between Folkestone and a site near Calais, but in November there have been more hours when power has flowed in the other direction.

On Friday, power through the interconnector was almost entirely flowing at maximum capacity towards France.

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The last link to BM Reports demonstrates how dependent France was on imported coal power from Britain in November (view Historic Reports, enter the date range you want to view). The original Guardian post also provides a graph of the interconnector flow between France and Britain.

What a surprise – Macron’s France is a climate hypocrite. President Macron’s climate values only apply when it suits him.

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