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Cool Britannia: Britons Less Concerned About Climate Change Than Any Other Nation

Ben Webster, The Times

British people are less concerned than any other nationality about the risk they face from climate change, according to a survey ahead of negotiations on a global deal on emissions next month.

Only 46 per cent of British people believe climate change will harm them personally in their lifetime, far below the global average of 72 per cent.

In every other nation among the 40 surveyed by the Pew Research Center, based in Washington, more than half the population believe they will suffer from rising temperatures. In Uganda, which has experienced severe flooding, 97 per cent believe they will be affected.

The French and Italians are almost twice as likely as the British to believe they will be harmed by climate change.

The British are also less likely than most other major countries to agree with the statement that “global climate change is a very serious problem”.

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