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Bulgaria’s New Environment Minister Casts Doubt On Global Warming

The Sofia Globe

Bulgaria’s new Environment and Water Minister, Neno Dimov, appeared in a video in 2015 describing global warming as a fraud and alleging that the European Union’s target for reducing emissions is intended to earn billions for business.

Dimov, a 53-year-old who has a master’s degree in mathematics and a doctorate in physics and who was deputy environment minister in the 1997/2001 Ivan Kostov government, was named to the third Boiko Borissov government from the quota of the nationalist United Patriots.

Until his cabinet appointment, Dimov was head of the Institute of Right Policy and made regular appearances in television interviews.

In November 2016, on Donald Trump becoming US president, Dimov likened Trump to Ronald Reagan: “He and Thatcher led a war against evil. Now he (Trump) and Theresa May have a chance to do the same”.

In the same TV appearance, Dimov said that it was untrue that the whole world received Trump becoming president with fear and horror, saying that it was only socialists who were afraid.

Speaking to-camera during the 7.33 minute video, Dimov expounds the thesis that human impact on climate change is a “manipulation” related to economic interests and a lot of money.

“Supporters of sustainable development are frightening us with global warming. The UN has no panel on global warming, but on climate change, but the climate is constantly changing. That may be the first indication that this is a matter more of manipulation than for serious concern,” Dimov says in the video.

“It is good to pose two questions. Is global warming really happening? If that is so, does human activity lead to global warming or do other factors cause it?”

He also rejects the possibility of the sea level being raised because of global warming.

“That is not true. There is a law of nature, discovered by Archimedes more than 2000 years ago, that a body immersed in water, displaces the volume of water of the volume of the body itself. The ice of the North Pole already has sunk into the world ocean and increased its level with that volume, of the ice itself.”

Dimov says that the fear of the rising of the level of the world’s oceans is absolutely unfounded.

“Rather we may talk about a cycle, rather than an increase in temperatures.”

He also argues that if the EU’s 40 per cent emission reduction target is met, the effect would be minimal, but in Europe alone, more than 500 billion euro would be spent.

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