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Bushfire Royal Commission ‘To Examine Green Movement To Hijack Back Burns’

Sky News

There is “irrefutable evidence” environment and conservation departments around Australia have been “hijacked by lefties and greenies” who are pushing their own agenda on climate change says Sky News host Peter Gleeson.

On Wednesday, the royal commission into Australia’s Black summer bushfires saw the emergence of evidence that “fuel reduction burns saved lives last summer,” Mr Gleeson said.

He said the pushing of a climate change agenda by “lefties and greenies” has meant massive amounts of fuel has been allowed to build.

The royal commission will no doubt explore the link between climate change and the fires, and will also investigate how we allowed the green movement to hijack back burns.

“This royal commission cannot be politicised. It’s in all our interest to get it right, because bushfires are here to stay and we’ve got to do this better”.

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