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Cameron And Miliband Clash Over Green Energy Policy

BBC News

Ed Miliband has said David Cameron has “no answer” to Labour’s pledge to freeze energy prices if it wins power, as the two clashed in the Commons.

The Labour leader said bills had risen by £300 since 2010 and yet the prime minister was still backing “the energy companies not the consumer”.

But Mr Cameron called the proposed freeze a “gimmick not a policy”.

He suggested Mr Miliband wanted to live in a “Marxist universe” where the state could control market prices.

Labour’s pledge to cap energy price rises for 20 months from May 2015, should they be elected, dominated the leaders’ exchanges in the first Prime Minister’s Questions since their party conferences.


Mr Miliband suggested the prime minister had been left “floundering” by the announcement, arguing it would help 27 million households and nearly two and half million businesses facing rising bills.

In contrast, he said the government’s pledge to ensure energy companies put consumers on the lowest tariff would leave 90% of people no better off.

“He says he wants lower prices but prices are going up on his watch. That is the reality,” he told MPs.

“We have a cost of living crisis in this country. Energy bills are rising and he supports the energy companies not the consumer. We have a prime minister who always stand up for the wrong people.”

But Mr Cameron said energy prices had doubled under Labour and the opposition’s support for a target for de-carbonising the energy sector would add another £125 to household bills.

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