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Call for a new energy and environment paradigm

London, 19 May – A new paper from Net Zero Watch warns Canadian politicians that the economic and social pain they are causing through sweeping decarbonisation policies will soon become critical, and that the public will soon turn on them.

Author Robert Lyman says:

Ottawa is obsessed with transitioning us away from energy sources that we hold in abundance, to new sources of supply that are more expensive, less reliable, and less secure. This can only end badly.”

Lyman points out that most of Canada’s political classes and bureaucracies are signed up to a radical green agenda, and it is therefore necessary for the public to seize control of policies that are threatening their very living standards.

He sets out a plan for the country to develop a new policy framework that better balances environmental, economic and social considerations as essential for national unity. Lyman says:

We can focus on real environmental harms, we can focus on technologies that work, and we can focus on the things that matter to people alive today rather than hypothesising about what might happens far in the future. But we must move on from the impractical and dangerous decarbonisation path that is leading us towards disaster.”

Robert Lyman: Canada’s Climate Policy Conundrum (pdf)