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Carbon Tax Revolt Escalates As French Police Union Joins Yellow Vests


The police union has called for an unlimited strike in solidarity with the Yellow Vests movement.

“Our upper echelons still want to send us to take the blows in its place and instead of the government.” It is with these words that the police union Vigi explains its choice to launch a call for an indefinite strike from Saturday 8 December. Union leaders have chosen to ally with the movement of yellow vests for “act 4” mobilisation.

“It is time to organise legally and to be in solidarity with them, for the benefit of all,” the union said in a statement. …

The strike notice does not apply to all police officers ( some of whom do not have the right to strike ) but to administrative and technical support staff. Nevertheless, “without the technical assistants the French riot squad (CRS) could be immobilized, services could be closed, and without police the maintenance of buildings and vehicles can no longer be done”, the union warned.

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