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Cash Spent On Tackling Climate Change Abroad Is Double Amount Spent On UK Flood Defences

Greg Heffer, Daily Express

Environment Secretary Liz Truss today defended the Government’s near £6billion spend on tackling climate change abroad, despite it being more than double the amount being spent on flood defences in Britain.

The Tory minister yesterday told MPs devastating floods in Cumbria over the weekend were likely to be linked to global climate change.
Around 5,000 homes and businesses were submerged after a month’s worth of rain fell in the county in just one day on Saturday, with many families facing the prospect of being homeless for Christmas.Amid the misery, the Government has come under pressure after it emerged spending on flood defences was cut by 14 per cent this year.

And critics have also been left wondering why billions of pounds of taxpayers’ cash is being handed over to foreign countries for their own efforts in combating climate change when it dwarfs spending on the UK’s flood defences.

Spending on the International Climate Fund (ICF) over the next five years is set to reach £5.8bn, with at least £1.7bn committed to being spent in 2020.The planned funding, which comes from the Government’s controversial foreign aid budget, will reach nearly double the amount spent on the ICF over the previous parliament.By contrast, ministers are planning to spend only £2.3bn protecting British households from floods until the next general election.

ICF spending has seen cash spent on drought-resistant crops in Kenya, solar panels in India and flood-enduring rice in Bangladesh.

Tackled over why money was being spent abroad rather than in the UK, Ms Truss claimed the cash was needed to combat the threat from brutal jihadists such as Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL).
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