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Chinese President Xi Jinping wins prestigious ‘Climate Hypocrite of the Year’ award

Global Warming Policy Forum

London, 8 January — London-based climate policy NGO, the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF), has announced that it has awarded its prestigious award for the world’s greatest climate hypocrite of the year to Chinese president Xi Jinping.

The announcement comes as the GWPF reveals climate hypocrites around the world in its annual competition for The World’s Greatest Climate Hypocrite’ awards.

Annual “Emmas” awards are a celebration of achievement in world-leading climate hypocrisy

Nominations have flooded in from countries around the world, with fans of the frontrunners making carefully argued cases that their nominee is the one truly deserving of the prestigious prize.

It’s fair to say that competition was red hot, with nominations ranging from Lewis Hamilton (go vegan peasants!) to Ursula von der Leyen (eco-lectures from the steps of her private jet), to the Norwegian State Pension Fund (don’t ask).

But in the unanimous opinion of the judges the winners of the categories were:

Eco-warriors and Eco-worriers – Torvil and Dean, for the awe-inspiring brazenness of their trip to Alaska to tell us about the perils of global warming.

Ludicrous LuvviesPrince Harry and Meghan Markle, for their shameless demand that we should cut our carbon emissions, while swanning around the world in private jets and helicopters.

But in the unanimous opinion of the judges, it was our Preening Politician of the year who should take the overall accolade of Climate Hypocrite of the Year 2020.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Xi Jinping, the president of China. The General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party is a deserving winner this year for his smooth parading of “concern” for the climate while all the time building hundreds of coal-fired power stations in China and around the world as fast as he possibly can.  

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