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Christopher Booker: The True Cost Of Wind Power

Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

MPs arriving at Westminster Tube station have lately been presented with a huge advertisement claiming that the cost of electricity from offshore wind farms has been cut by “50 per cent over the past five years”.

Despite the fact that this was paid for by various green lobbyists, including Greenpeace, the WWF and foreign-based owners of offshore wind farms, it seems from comments by MPs, the BBC, journalists and even our energy minister Claire Perry, that they all believe this boast.

Actor Peter Capaldi at Westminster tube station where Greenpeace, WWF and the Marine Conservation Society have launched a new campaign supporting offshore wind CREDIT: JONATHAN BRADY/PA WIRE

But The Global Warming Policy Forum has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority that the poster could hardly be more outrageously misleading. It is based only on figures relating to two offshore wind farms that haven’t even been built yet and possibly never will be.

The official data, expertly analysed by Paul Homewood on his blog, Notalotofpeopleknowthat, show that last year we were all paying for offshore electricity through our household bills at nearly three times the going market rate, including subsidies of £1.4 billion. And this is still soaring so fast that, by 2021, we will be paying £3.1 billion a year for offshore wind energy, equating to £115 for every household in the land.

The Government may be babbling on about putting “a cap” on electricity bills. But nothing is pushing up those bills faster than its own ever-more-insane “green” energy policies.

That people are allowed to hide this from us – and delude those gullible MPs into the bargain – is indeed outrageous.

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