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City Of York Brands Anti-Fracking Campaigners As ‘Extreme Risk’

Minster FM News

Anti-fracking campaigners in York and Ryedale have reacted with shock that authorities have included anti-fracking campaigners alongside ISIL as requiring monitoring and intervention as part of the Governments schools PREVENT strategy to tackle terrorism and what they term “domestic extremism”.

City of York council working with the North Yorkshire police force have used the strategy to link ‘anti-fracking’ activism with terrorism risks in North Yorkshire.

‘Anti-fracking’ is included alongside ‘extreme right wing activity’ on the City of York’s ‘Prevent Story Board’, together with groups linked to the ongoing war in Syria, anti-Israel/pro Palestinian activities, hunt saboteurs and animal rights activists.

Fracking firms Third Energy, INEOS and Cuadrilla want to exploit the county’s shale gas reserves. The possibility of fracking has prompted strong opposition from the local people, NGOs, parish councils, town councils and district councils.

Dozens of protests, which have been peaceful, have taken place across North Yorkshire in recent years, including a huge anti-fracking rally in York, which attracted thousands of people in July 2016.

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