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Net Zero Watch calls for a clearout at the Climate Change Committee

Press release

London, 13 October – Campaign group Net Zero Watch has called for a management clearout at the Climate Change Committee (CCC), accusing it of ‘shameless’ deceit over the costs of Net Zero.

The CCC yesterday criticised the Prime Minister’s delay of a few Net Zero plans, claiming that energy bills would be driven upwards as a result. But Net Zero Watch director Andrew Montford points out that the CCC is being highly misleading with their claims.

“If your landlord is forced to put in expensive insulation measures in your flat, you might end up with lower heating bills. But you will certainly end up with higher rent bills, and you could even find yourself out of a home”.

Mr Montford points out that such duplicity is characteristic of the CCC’s behaviour. In 2021, he exposed a series of deliberate deceptions in the CCC’s financial models.* The Prime Minister and former Chancellor, Lord Hammond, have both recently said that the public has been systematically misled over the costs of Net Zero.

The CCC has been at the centre of the deception of the British public that Rishi Sunak referred to. They say that they are ‘disappointed’ not to be consulted about the recent policy changes, but what sane person would want to consult an organisation that is so wedded to trickery?

And Mr Montford has called for a new regime at the Climate Change Committee.

“Mr Sunak’s comments about the public being deceived about the cost of Net Zero were a challenge to the Green blob. But far from coming clean with us, the CCC are shamelessly carrying on as if nothing had happened. Sunak needs to have a management clear-out, or he will end up looking like a lame duck.”

Notes to editors

*After a two year legal battle, the CCC was forced to release its financial models to the public gaze. Mr Montford’s analysis revealed that: